University Student Commons and Activities

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Student Governance

Student Governance

What is SGA?

The Student Government Association (SGA) works to promote student involvement and actively seek out and represent student opinions by not only working with students but also by ensuring student presence on committees and councils around the University. Additionally, VCU SGA is responsible for appropriating money from the Student Activity Fee to student organizations. Have a student concern? Email us at Funding Request.

SGA Officers

Funding Request

The Appropriations Committee is responsible for disbursing funds to student organizations on both campuses. Students on the Monroe Park Campus pay $45 to the Student Activity Fee, and students on the MCV Campus pay $18. The goal of the money is to allow students to hold events for students, travel to conventions, leadership retreats or competitions and represent VCU. The Fee also composes the operational budget for student organizations, used to purchase promotional items, supplies and more. The committee is in charge of reviewing funding requests submitted by the students.

See the detailed report for the Distribution of Student Activity Fees FY19.