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Student Organization Requirements

All student organizations must complete the following requirements to establish and maintain registration with Virginia Commonwealth University. Failure to meet any of the basic requirements by the date provided will result in the organization becoming inactive for the remainder of the semester. Student organizations that do not complete all requirements by the last day of classes each semester will result in the organization being inactive the following semester.

Basic Requirements

• Minimum of 8 members
• Maintain a President, Vice President and Treasurer (included in 8 member minimum)
• Undergraduate officers must be enrolled and registered for a minimum of 6 credit hours, and graduate student officers must be enrolled and registered for a minimum of 3 credit hours
• Complete organization orientation meeting, or online orientation training
• Complete Finance Training (required to utilize SGA funding)
• Submit Completion of Title IX Training if traveling on behalf of student organization
• Submit the Annual Registration form through RamsConnect and GPA authorization form by deadline
• Maintain an accurate roster including all officer positions on RamsConnect
• Maintain an active and accurate RamsConnect account
• Undergraduate President, Vice President and Treasurer must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.3 (requirement will be 2.5 beginning fall 2018)
• Graduate President, Vice President, and Treasurer must be in good standing wit htheir academic department


• Must follow all VCU, USC&A and Student Organization policies as stated in policy guidebooks
• Complete Finance Training (if using SGA funding)
• Attend Event Management System Training (highly encouraged)