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An organization is classified as a non-university client when it is not a VCU registered student organization, VCU department, VCU Health Systems and/or a VCU affiliate. All Non-University clients must pre-pay all room rental and labor charges. Room rental and labor can be found here. If this is a conference request, please fill out this form.

Availability/Request Periods

Non-university organizations have restrictions as to when they can request spaces.  Non-university clients are only able to make reservations for space when classes are not in session.  Requests must be approved a minimum of 30 days in advance in order to be processed.

Meeting and Event Requests for Non-University clients will be accepted beginning on the first business day in June for meetings and events occurring in the fall semester, the first business day in January for meetings and events occurring in the spring semester.

Non-University’s events and conferences that need additional spacing on campus such as residence hall rental, academic classroom(s) and etc. in an addition to the USC&A Students Commons, will need to contact the VCU Office of Conference and Scheduling.

Table Reservations

Non-university clients that are interest in soliciting to our students, can reserve a table inside the University Student Commons during the semester for $70 dollars per day.

The table cannot be moved from its orginal location.  There may be no more than 2 people from a company/organization at the table at one time.  Signage is allowed, however it cannot block fire egress or the walking path of any patrons of the building.  If signage obstructs fire egress, a USC&A staff member will ask for the signage to be moved or removed.

Amplified music and/or speech is not permitted.  No solicitation away from the table location (including handbill distribution) or calling out to passers-by will not be permitted.  Sponsors are expected to be present at the table for the entire time of the reservation.  No product or goods may be sold or given away that duplicates or is similar in nature to those sold by contracted vendors in USC&A managed facilities.  USC&A staff must approve all products, materials, or charitable organizations prior to sale.  USC&A reserves the right to refuse any group, products, materials, or charitable organizations that conflict with USC&A/Finance contracts.

To inquiry for table availability, please submit your information via this request form Non-University POD Sales Tables.

Non-University Request Form.

Non-university organizations that wish to reserve a room at VCU must fill out the Non-University Request Form.